Mobile Home Skirting Installation – Tips For a Successful Project

Durable as nails, the Mobile Skirting Solution from Homes and Builders of Michigan is an excellent product to replace older home painting systems. Durable as nails, the Mobile Skirting Solution from Homes and Builders of Michigan is a quality DIY project that will last years. The videos produced are of great help to answering many of the common questions you might have about mobile home skirting installation. So whether it’s a mobile home in Michigan or a mobile home in Ohio, this product can help you.

You might be asking yourself how you determine the average height of your home, or how you know if you need mobile home skirting. Simply put, there are four measurements you should take, if you want the best performance from your new paint. These measurements are the top back, the middle back, the top front and the bottom front. When you take these measurements, they are at the average height of your home.

The top back refers to the space behind the home where you first see the skirting. Think of this space as the “space between the window sill and the house.” Any moisture that is allowed to accumulate will build up behind your siding and eventually on your walls and floors. You don’t want to add to the moisture problem by allowing water to pool around your windows and doors. This can weaken your new siding and cause rotting. Your mobile home skirting installation professional will make sure your siding and walls are properly covered to prevent this problem.

Next, measure for the top front and top back where you can see into the wall. Remember to use a tape measure so you can get a precise measurement. Using a tape measure will help ensure the tape doesn’t go all the way around the wall. A measure for the width between the floor boards. If the home skirting was built with tiles, the exact width will be needed.

With the exact measurements, purchase the appropriate skirting material. Visit a home improvement store or one of the large home improvement retailers in your area. Get more info about mobile home skirting installation. They will typically have a selection of skirting material from which you can choose. Make sure you are dealing with a reputable manufacturer and installer to ensure quality.

When you have selected the right manufactured home skirting material, you will move on to the actual mobile home skirting installation process. You will need to remove any trim. If trim is not removed, it will create a space in between the wall and the siding. You will also need to prepare the cement foundation that the manufactured home is on. Learn more from

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